SOMA MOVE® is a great total practice for strength, flexibility, balance, relaxed power, rhythm and grace.

Designed to be performed by almost anyone. Enjoyable to do and easy to develop.

You will move through a constant flow of well selected movements and high embodied presence.

You will enjoy a structure of movement patterns that are strong but at the same time soft. The movements will challenge you and they will help you to develop a more united and whole body. You will breath, move and sweat.

Nothing else than the ground beneath you and your body's movements is in focus. Clean, simple and fun.

Barefoot. Breathing in harmony with your body. Free from thoughts. Sweat dripping onto the floor. Feeling great, powerful and graceful.

You will move athletic and strong to a suggestive music, relaxed and powerful.

No beat to follow, no repatriations to count. Just you and your never ending movement.

Take part in our teacher training program.

SOMA MOVE® and SOMA MIND® are pre choreographed group exercise classes. To be able to present the concept one needs to participate in a teacher training and thereafter pay a monthly license fee.

Read all about the terms of agreement here.

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